About Us


It is believed echo valley speedway opened in the late 1960’s or possibly early 1970’s.


Toowoomba Motocross is a family friendly club which caters for race days, practice days, come and try days and RPA days (which require no licence). Along with this we offer professional training days which can benefit riders speed, technique, confidence and even style. Please keep up to date with our Facebook page for regular updates on upcoming training days.


Generally throughout the year, 6-8 clubday's are held between the months of February and October. This allows riders of ages 4 - 99 years to be involved with one of the best tracks in the country! This track is constantly undergoing multiple changes to keep riders on their toes! The day runs smoothly with sign on from 6:30am, riders briefing at 7:45-8 am, followed immediately by practice. Racing begins after all practice's are completed, usually around 9 am.