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The future of our club is at risk and we are calling an emergency meeting to be held at 12pm on the 18th February 2024. This will be held in the new club house @ 90 Nelson st, Middle Ridge. We are asking for all members, riders or citizens of our club to attend and share their opinions and thoughts upon pressing issues.

If you have any concerns don't hesitate to contact Issy - 0403624061 or email an enquiry to [email protected]




First Clubday

Our First club day is fast approaching!!!

There are lots if jobs that need to be completed before we can officially run an event... We have working bee's most weekends if you have any spare time to come out for a few hours and lend a hand.

If you can help for 2 hours or more you will receive a free lunch as well as a practice day voucher!

Check in to our Facebook page for updates on Working Bee's!!


Working bee!!

Where: @ corner of Ramsay and Nelson street

When: 24th February 2024